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Please Note – As I move towards retirement, I am not starting with new clients, nor am I resuming counselling with former clients. 

I recommend you find a qualified therapist who is available to work with you.

I continue to provide extensive EMDR Consultation to therapists. Click  http://www.jimlichti.com/EMDRConsultation.en.html   if interested.

Regards,  Jim


Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

As a compassionate, professionally trained and highly experienced therapist, my goal is to help you achieve the changes you desire. By training I am a Registered Social Worker. I was also a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist from 1984-2017.


I believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in predicting the outcome of therapy. This refers to a client's and a counsellor's ability to create a trusting connection, the client's experience of being heard, understood, accepted and cared about and the professional and personal credibility of the counsellor.

While none of us can change difficult situations from the past, we can change our thoughts, our feelings, our body's responses and our behavior, today and tomorrow.